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  • DEC 06

    Rad Dog 2014

    Tantara, MO

  • DEC 10

    Reed Springs Pu...

    Reed Springs, MO

  • JAN 18

    Ava Pure Excite...

    Ava, MO

  • JAN 30

    Greenville, SC ...

    Carolina Point Camp

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    Daily Discovery: Tim Halperin, “Truth”

    Tim Halperin made a splash into the music scene when he emerged as a finalist in the 10th season of American Idol. Since his 2011 American Idol campaign Tim has released two albums and has toured with an assortment of top acts. His song, “Truth,” is from his 2014 album Heart Tells Your Head which you can find here on iTunes.

    ARTIST: Tim Halperin

    SONG: “Truth”

    BIRTHDATE: May 27, 1987

    HOMETOWN: Omaha, Nebraska

    CURRENT LOCATION: Nashville, Tennessee

    AMBITIONS: To continue building my momentum, fanbase and catalog, while also growing the songwriting side of what I do. I’m fresh to Nashville and hoping to get into new writing circles and connect with a publisher to pitch my songs.

    Click here to continue reading and listen to “Truth”

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